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MADE IN EDO FEST is a proposed festival to celebrate the heritage of our land and the resourcefulness, success as well as creativities of our people. It is planned to showcase EDO and its people in an entirely new way, using a successfully tested European-styled events template. We are set to uniquely promote our cultural heritage and advance the cause of our people by beaming a 21st century light on EDO and giving deserved framable recognitions to the genuinely hardworking and accomplished EDO people who have, through their illustrious activities in different fields and sectors, represented the nobleness of EDO.

We want to hold the festival in such a way that the EDO land will attract good global attention. Our grand aim is to advance the values of our dear land and inspire our people to keep breaking grounds and reaching for their goals. This festival starting from 28th – 30th of May 2021 is designed to last for three (3) days with different activities, starting with the Welcome block party, followed by open air fest and the last day will be for Award & dinner night This proposed festival is the initiative of Popory Culture, a subsidiary of POPORY NATION. We have hosted events locally and internationally, specifically in Germany, Europe.

We have a track record of generating good attention by bringing in A-list artistes of good repute to our events and ensuring smooth and chaos-free gathering. We have a coordinated team of creatives and enterprising minds that are already working on strategies to bring business opportunities to our people during and after this festival.


Brain Behind Froshmedia. Young And Talented

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