Asake – Basquiat (Official Video)

Asake’s latest offering, “Basquiat,” has arrived as part of his highly anticipated music compilation, “Work Of Art (Album).” The accompanying official video, released under the YBNL Nation and EMPIRE labels, brings a visually captivating experience to complement the artist’s sonic masterpiece. With its unique transitionary elements and the distinct perception of Asake’s voice, “Basquiat” truly stands out.

In this remarkable production, Asake’s artistic prowess is on full display. The video seamlessly transitions between vivid scenes, each carefully crafted to reflect the essence of the song. From vibrant cityscapes to abstract brushstrokes, the visual journey mirrors the eclectic nature of Basquiat’s own artistry. These smooth transitions serve as a testament to Asake’s attention to detail and his commitment to creating a captivating experience for his audience.

In conclusion, Asake’s “Basquiat” is a work of art in its own right. The carefully curated transitions, the perceptible voice, and the shortened sentence structure all contribute to the song’s powerful impact. As listeners immerse themselves in this extraordinary piece of music, they are sure to be swept away by the captivating journey that Asake has masterfully crafted.



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