[Lyrics] Kish ft. Icon Vybez – Civil Mafia

(intro verse)
As I enter the place
I see them my guys dem plenty for the place oo
Awon temi, o wa shere
Ere owo, lafin shano wole
To ba ti gbo,Toba ti gbo, koma lo fo
Toba ti gbo,to ba ti gbo, otun le fo

(verse) (kish)
Oro po lenu mi jekin bere bayi
Fun mi ni mic yen jekin testify
Omo civil lemi moti signify
For federal poly ede we Dey verified

Awon temi o Raye, ti o bati je Oro owo alaye mape MI si
Omo auty mi ko saye, making large bills like money londering sho to ye e

Always a busy man, ain’t got time for all this rubbish talk
My time is precious man, making money moves all the time
You wanna hate me now, thats ur problem I don’t give a fuck
I got ma people now, Holla civil every fucking time

Physically we be titans
Academically we be jagaban
Financially sef we dey run the town
Owo po lapo owo bullion van

Oya sope CIVIL(Civil)…

(Verse) ;(icon Vybez)
All my guys are ballers
Dem be livin life La Vi Da
Malo filo kulo lowon oo
(If you wan to see crazy, try’em dem no normal)
Oh no oh no oh no oh no yeahhh

Dem know we be baddest
From north to south no know west
If you see us dey go, don’t go there o
(Am I making sense?), malo be oo

We get president likee Shainar
Nah why everybody dey shine now
See me with the beat, I dey fine now
All of unna dey you dey fine now

From HOD he’s feeling the beat and the melody
Shor’elomi, he no fit to carry body body body x2



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