Meet MAXI, FPE Welfare Director Aspirant as he explains the Intent Behind his Aspiration and what Fedpolite Should Expect

Good Day, Can we know You and under which Faculty and Department are you aspiring from?..?
I am Opakunle Sodiq Olatunji

I’m a student of Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering.

I am aspiring for the post of Welfare Director

What’s the intent for aspiring for the post of the Welfare Director, is it out of fame or?

My intention for aspiring for the post of Welfare Director isn’t born out of fame but out of the intent to serve in my own ability by providing MAXIMUM WELFARISM 4 ALL, having considered the state of welfarism on Campus. In my early days on campus, the stress students passed through during Medical Registration, sleeping in front of X-Ray center gave birth to this ambition of mine. The challenges faced by students in South Campus on transportation keeps igniting the ambition till date. Thank you.

Why do you think You are best candidate for this position?

Thank you for this question. Considering my past roles in our citadel of learning even when I don’t have any office, I have been actively involved in proffering solutions to different problems facing students talking about Transportation issue, stress undergone during Medical Registration, agitation for freedom at my department to mention a few. And also, having measured my strength and ability to create a conducive atmosphere in the area of students welfarism. With all sense of humility, I consider myself not only the best but qualified candidate for this post as I solicit for everyone support and vote. Thank you.

From your BC’S, you had adopted the “Mantra” MAXIMUM WELFARISM FOR ALL, how do you intend to go about this, what should students expect from you?

I believed in equity, every students of FPE welfarism is germane to me irrespective of class, level, department, faculty and that is why I had adopted the “mantra” MAXIMUM WELFARISM 4 ALL. I am coming on board by the grace of God to serve all, no discrimination and some of the areas of welfarism i will be addressing includes and not limited to; Freedom from all forms of oppression from anyone be it security, lecturers, management staffs, unhygienic food vendors, unavailability of practical manuals in due time, irregular power supply, transportation issue, nonchalant attitude of some medical staffs to students and many more..

Aspiring for the post of Welfare Director, what are the things you considered aren’t in good shape that you will be changing to affects students favourably?

Well, it is of great importance I give kudos to the Freedom Crew for all their efforts, at the same time I will also work tirelessly on things that aren’t in good shape like nonchalant attitude of ‘some’ medical staffs, south campus transportation issue, excess price of goods, irregular power supply, intimidations to mention a few. It will interest me to tell you that if I am being elected God willing, I will create a complain channel where students can register all their complaints. I alone or other executives can’t spell out things that are not in good shape alone as students are faced with different problems on campus.

One more thing, once we can identify the problems, we will definitely work on a lasting solution.
Thank you

What Will You do About Unhygienic Food Vendors And Snacks Sellers In Campus?

Oh!!!, sincerely speaking I must appreciate this question, health they say is wealth, when students are taking in food which is not properly prepared or prepared in an unhygienic place, it will definitely affects their health. That is why the case of food vendors and snack sellers that are not operating in an hygienic way will be seriously look into. We are going to set a standard for every food vendors within this institution for them to continue to operate within the school premises.

Talking Of BUSHY area in Campus which had been so common this session Which we all know is not safe for students, ON that What Should we expect From You?

Thank you, am a Civil Engineer in training and an aspects of Civil Engineering deals with environment. It is of great importance that the school environment should be safe at all times for all. A bushy environment is not safe for learning considering reptiles, mosquitoes and the likes. Truly, it has been noted by students that our citadel of learning had been bushy this session, probably due to the Corona virus break and Strike but that is not an excuse.

Whenever the school is about to be back in session, I will reached out to the all appropriate quarters, the DEAN, Students Affairs, Works Department, Deputy Rectors and make them understand that lectures can’t take place in an environment that isn’t safe. In view of this, before resumption, we would propose or mandate if need be that the school grasses should be cut.

Thank you.

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