Rema’s Manager Praise Him As He Lists His Achievements At The Age Of 20

The manager of singer Rema, Sean Okeke has expressed how proud he is of the young artist as he lists his achievements at the age of 20.
Sean Okeke being very proud of the young man he’s nurturing in terms of talent listed the major achievements of Rema from his global his down to the million-dollar deals he has been signing just at the age of 20.

According to Sean Okeke, Rema has been successful when it comes to global hits, he has dope cars, he has a big mansion, and has been signing million-dollar deals just at the age of 20 as he has it all that one needs to keep life moving.

Sean Okeke then also gave credit to Prince of Mavin Records for playing an important role in the life of Rema that they are all living the dream he had and Rema is making them so proud for not regretting having discovered him.

Rema was discovered by Mavin Records and is still with them making them proud as all these achievements listed by his manager is something every young person wishes to have and so luckily for him he has it all at the age of 20.

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