Seyi Vibez – Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come Album (Ep)

Seyi Vibez’s highly anticipated album, “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come,” is the perfect follow-up to his successful “Billion Dollar Baby 2.0” released last year in 2022. With his latest EP, “Memory Card,” already making waves since its early 2023 release, Seyi Vibez continues to captivate listeners with his distinct sound and heartfelt lyrics.

“Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come” showcases Seyi Vibez’s growth as an artist, taking his musical prowess to new heights. The transition from his previous projects to this album is seamless, as he effortlessly weaves together a collection of tracks that are both introspective and relatable. Each song on the album carries a unique vibe that resonates with listeners, making it impossible to resist getting lost in the music.

As Seyi Vibez continues to make his mark in the music industry, “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come” solidifies his position as a rising star. With his innate ability to craft soul-stirring songs, Seyi Vibez has established himself as an artist to watch out for. This album is a testament to his talent, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what he has in store for the future.

Tracklist below;

  1. Kingdom
  2. Hat-trick
  3. For the Gods
  4. Dejavu
  5. Suddenly (feat. Young Jonn)
  6. Fuji Interlude
  7. Gangsta (Remix) (feat. Russ & Jibrille)
  8. Money Matter (feat. Focalistic)
  9. Amdallah
  10. Blacka Rhythm

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