🙄🙄 I Slept With 919 Men In 12 Hours, Says World Record Holder

🙄🙄 I Slept With 919 Men In 12 Hours, Says World Record Holder

American Lisa Sparks holds Guinness World Record for the most number of men slept within 12 hours – 919 men. She achieved her feat but at a cost of her private parts.

Sparks, who is an adult movie actress known by his alias Lisa Sparxxx, set the world record on October 16th, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland.

She achieved the record by sleeping with 919 men over a period of 12 hours. That would mean she spent only 45 seconds having sex with each man.

Sparks set the incredible record of having s3x with 919 men in a single day as part of the annual World Gang Bang Championship.

The American fought off fierce competition from a rival who was the former world record holder boasting of sleeping with 759 men in a day.

Lisa won the competition beating her close competitor by only 21 men, her record of sleeping with 919 men in 12 hours still holds to date. Video of the competition was uploaded on several adult movie sites.

After achieving her feat, Sparks became an instant celebrity. Even retired US President Barack Obama follows her on Twitter.

The world record holder recently talked about the Gang Bang Championship which she won and set a new world record.

She revealed that even though she was happy she won the competition she was in pain for several weeks.

Sparks disclosed that her private part was swollen pained her severely and that she also suffered bruises even though the 919 men who bonked her used lubricants.

The world record holder also said that she failed to set the orgasm record because of the pain she was feeling during the event.


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