Jackie B Is An Outside Project, I’m Reserving Her Till After The Show”– Boma

Boma Akpore shared what his strategy or plan for fellow housemate, Jackie B is with Cross.

Boma who made it to known to some of his fellow housemates and Big Brother that Jackie B is his love interest revealed that Jackie B is his outside project.

The actor who starred in America’s ‘Blacklist’ movie told Cross at the garden after the Jacuzzi party on Friday night in a conversation that made his feelings and intentions for Jackie B known to her and he does not plans on making moves with her on national television inside the house.

“You’ll enjoy Jackie B but she wouldn’t want to do it in the show. She’ll want you outside, quietly. Just keep enjoying yourself with her casually. I’ll also enjoy myself with her casually. However, outside is where you’ll enjoy her,” Cross said.

In response, Boma affirmed the intuition, “Jackie B is very funny. I don’t know that kind of code. I told her. I’m very honest. I don’t lie. I’m a cruise.”