[LYRICS] EMO Grae – Suddenly Lyrics

[LYRICS] EMO Grae – Suddenly Lyrics

say i don’t know how it happened
we started as friends
we started to blend
next you giving me hints

see one thing led to another
we sharing bed
you calling me names like
honey, daling
you calling me dear

i don’t know if it’s alcohol
i don’t know if it’s weed
one thing i know for sure
i want you for me x2

cause, suddenly
you became a part of me
shey you cast a spell on me
na you be my energy

suddenly mi o loro
mi ori esi
girl you cool me no AC
fayokunmi oo baby

suddenly, suddenly, suddenly
suddenly, suddenly x2

say you got my attention
you put me at ease
the tension you give me
when you tease

say na you i want
nobody please
i stand strong for you
nobody fit

let’s be sincere
you dey for my mind
you live there

you pierce through my thoughts
you be spear
hello are you there?

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