How my male organs changed to that of a woman after I broke up with my ex – Man shares his story (Video)

A man has narrated how he slept and woke up as a woman after breaking up with his ex girlfriend following a misunderstanding.

Sharing his story to Afrimax, he said;

“2 years ago, I slept and woke up as a woman. I slept with a male s*x organ but waking up, I found out I had turned into a woman.

I never saw it coming. It started after I fell in love with a girl and we were planning our wedding soon. But few days later, we had a misunderstanding and decide to part ways.

She told me that she will bewitch me and that was after I rejected her. She went to the witch doctor and bewitched me. I slept and woke up as a woman.

If you want, I can take you to the girl who did that. Everyone around here knows that story. She accused me of cheating on her and being a player.”

Watch full video below


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