Lady narrates how she set up an innocent lecturer during her back in university days

A lady has narrated how she set up an innocent lecturer during her university days, and how her past is beginning to haunt her.

She wrote;

“Just when I thought I have found happiness, my past action came knocking at the door to ruin my happiness.

I just want to confess to take this burden off my chest. I caused embarrassment and disgrace to an innocent lecturer during my university days, and now it’s haunting me.

I met my boyfriend some months back when he returned to Nigeria after twelve years of living and schooling overseas.

We started dating, the relationship became serious and he decided to take it to the next level by marrying me. I was in love with him because of his handsome look and genuineness. I accepted his proposal.

Prior to our meeting, I lived a wayward life in the university. I walked around with two mean girls who were dreaded by other students because of their ability to get away with crimes committed.

During my final year in school, there was a stubborn lecturer who refused to give in to my request for extra marks to enable me pass his tough course and graduate without carry over.

I tried on my own to see the lecturer in his office to plead with him and offer him my body in return for a good grade in his course but due to his disciplined nature, he turned down my request and sent me out of his office.

I was downcast after the semester results came out and I failed his five unit course woefully, which meant that I was going to have an extra year.

My friends were unhappy and after all efforts to convince the lecturer failed, we resorted to setting him up as a payback for making me fail his course.

One fateful day, I entered into the lecturer’s office as planned while my friends were lurking around. I was dressed in an unusual decent outfit. The lecturer asked me why I came to see him and I went towards where he was standing by his cabinet, tore my shirt to reveal my underwear, held the lecturer by his collar and screamed for help.

My friends and some other random students bashed into the office and saw me struggling to free myself. It was a perfect set up that looked as if the lecturer was trying to force himself on me and in the process tore my clothes.

I was crying profusely as I saw the students around and I lied about how the lecturer has been threatening to fail me if I didn’t have an affair with him.

I went further to tell the school authority that he invited me over to his office that fateful day and told me to reconsider his proposal or stand the risk of carrying over his course next year again.

I lied that when I refused, he charged at me and started fumbling with my body and when I tried to get away from him, he pulled me back and in the process, tore my shirt.

Due to the testimony of the witnesses, I was pacified by the school authority with a merit pass in the course and the lecturer was disciplined and disgraced.

I felt satisfied at the result of the flawless set up.

I graduated afterwards and three years later, I met my boyfriend and our love story began.

After accepting his marriage proposal, he met personally with my parents for the first time. My parents were happy about my choice of man. They advised him to follow the right steps of informing his parents about his decision and bringing them over for an introduction.

My fiancé called the following day to inform my parents that his parents were grateful for the invitation and promised to visit them the following weekend for proper introduction.

My fiancé wanted us to have a quick wedding and help me gather necessary documents to enable me travel to the United States of America with him as his wife.

I was so grateful to God for sending the best man to me. Little did I know that my past was going to catch up with my present and ruin my future.

The day for the introduction came and I was in my room as advised by my parents. My younger sister came to inform me that the guest has arrived. She said that my fiancé came with his dad, mom and brother.

Few minutes later after our guests have been comfortably seated, my younger sister was sent to fetch me from my room where I was eagerly waiting.

I smiled as I stepped into the sitting room to greet my guests. I was about kneeling to greet my fiancé’s father when our eyes met. Without an iota of doubt, he was the lecturer I set up in school three years ago.

He looked at me and stood up in anger. In an angry loud tone, he told me that his son can never get married to me as long as he is alive. Everyone present were shocked by my fiancé’s father strange attitude and inquired from him why.

He narrated the ugly plot I orchestrated three years ago in the university that led to his being disciplined and disgraced. He went further to narrate that he couldn’t return to the school afterwards because his reputation was tarnished and had to tender his resignation to save him from further shame.

I was visibly shaking and weeping as he narrated the entire incident. When he was done, he ordered his wife, my fiancé and his brother to leave with him as he dashed out of our house.

My parents were very disappointed. I have brought disgrace to my family. My dad refused to talk to me since then.

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach Thomas ever since he left with his family in utmost disappointment. I learnt later that he had returned to the United States.

How do I make right the wrong I did to Thomas’s father years back?

How do I convince them to forgive me for the pain I put them through?

I’m so much in love with Thomas and I can’t survive without him.”


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